Through the La Piazza Foundation, we offer the same program to sponsored schools as we offer to our own students. Our purpose is to educate students to be the best versions of themselves as we provide them with the essential tools to be critical, creative, compassionate thinkers and responsible, engaged citizens ready to transform the world.

  • Social Constructivism, the Reggio Emilia philosophy and Montessori education: These ideologies value the human spirit as well as the development of the whole child – physical, problem solving, academic, social, emotional and creative areas.

  • Groups of Investigation: We offer the opportunity for children to build and design their own theories in small Groups of Investigation. These small groups allow children to question, examine, create, solve, interpret, debate and think critically. The children discuss their ideas in reflection meetings and collaborate as a group of analytical thinkers.

  • Socio-emotional development: A happy, confident child learns best. We nurture the whole child as a member of a family, a classroom, and a community. Our program is designed for children to share their voice, identify their feelings and construct healthy coping skills.

The Whole Child

My vision is to give a chance to these children who the world has written off due to their financial circumstances. I want them to not only have access to basic needs, but I want to see them flourish through our program.

Jessica Pinto • Founder & Foundation Director


We believe all children should have access to the same opportunities, regardless of the circumstances into which they are born. Our purpose is to help children in impoverished areas gain access to basic needs and high-quality education.